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Film has made great strides in raising public consciousness about transgender issues through storytelling.  

Trans stories are no longer on the fringes of popular culture; trans actors like Laverne Cox and Mya Taylor are starring in leading roles, while high-profile personalities like Caitlyn Jenner are telling their own stories and inviting people on their journey through reality TV.

Depictions of trans people in the media impact how society understands and views them; negative depictions and harmless jokes can hurt people who are struggling, while positive depictions help shine a light on trans issues and create a gateway for empathy, conversation and understanding.

The Hollywood blockbuster The Danish Girl is blazing the trail for transgender representation in the media and helping to bring stories to a wider audience.

The Danish Girl is based on a true story, inspired by the life of Lili Elbe, one of the first people in the world to undergo sex reassignment surgery.  This biopic tells the story of Danish landscape painter Einar Wegener, who begins a journey to transition into his true self after a stirring experience posing as a female dancer for his artist wife, Gerda.  The film goes on to chart the challenges of both Einar and Gerda as Einar transitions his identity over five years, culminating in a revolutionary gender reassignment surgery in 1930.

For many, The Danish Girl is their first interaction with transgender issues and it’s a story carefully told for general audiences. The film was a huge success; The Danish Girl was met with critical acclaim and been nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress for its stars Eddie Redymane and Alicia Vikander.  

Transgender support in Edinburgh

YourGP private medical practice in Edinburgh, have a team of gender specialists and psychiatrists to support and guide transgender people through the many complex issues around gender dysphoria.  They advise, treat and support those on the path to gender reassignment surgery. Dr Lyndsey Miskow is highly respected in this field and is the sole specailist practitioner in the East of Scotland.

They specialise in helping those who are struggling with gender dysphoria and offer a range of confidential services to suit your needs.

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