Haggis Bonbons with Whisky Marmalade

haggis bon bons recipe


lanning a Burns Supper or Scottish soireé this 25th January? We’ve got the perfect canapé for you, from Edinburgh School of Food & Wine. It’s a twist on the classic caledonian dish, which will be sure to please your guests.

Serves 6


600g haggis
2 eggs
150g flour
150g Panko breadcrumbs (available in Chinese supermarkets)
750ml vegetable oil
Salt & Pepper
150g orange marmalade
35ml Whisky


1. Roll the haggis into balls weighing 25g each.

2. In 3 separate trays, place the flour (seasoned), beaten eggs and Panko breadcrumbs.

3. Roll the haggis balls in one tray at a time, ensuring that you drain/dust off any excess before placing in the next tray.

4. When breadcrumbed, put a large pan on to the heat with the oil. The oil must not come more than half way up the pan in order to cook safely.

5. Mix together the marmalade and Whisky and place in a small serving dish in the fridge.

6. With a temperature probe- raise the oil to 160ºC (alternatively, you can pop a few breadcrumbs into the oil until the begin to sizzle)

7. When the oil is hot, pop the bonbons in for around 2 minutes or until golden brown.

8. Serve with the Whisky marmalade and enjoy!



    what is the order of flour, eggs or bread crumb dipping

    Rebecca McCosh

    Thanks for the mention, we’re glad you liked them!

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