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artial arts are great for kids as they help build both strength and confidence.  There are a number of different martial arts including judo, karate, tae kwon-do, kick boxing and aikido.

Please email if you would like your club featured

Azami-kai Aikido

Info: Classes on Saturdays from 4-5pm where children are welcome
Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh

Destination Judo

Tel: 07973 248 165
Classes for boys & girls aged 5-15yrs
Locations: Various locations throughout Edinburgh

Edinburgh Academy Tae kwon-do

Tel: 07970 769 977
Info: Classes for various age groups
Location: Academy Sports Centre, 10 Arboretum Road, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Bushido Academy of Martial Arts

Tel: 07932 924701.  Email: Contact: Ray Sheerin
Info:Various martial arts taught for age 4+
Location: 48 Watson Cres, Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Judo Club

Tel: 07710 795 216
Info: Judo classes for all ages 3 years to adult beginners and current GB and Olympic Team members

Location: St. Paul’s Church, Lorne St.

Hutcheson Vale Martial Arts Club

Tel: 0131 538 7332
Info :
Martial arts classes for children of all ages please phone for details
49 Fords Road, Edin.

Imperial Scotland Tae kwon-do

Tel: 0131 660 9428  Email:
Info: Tae kwon-do for children age 4 yrs & up

Locations: Various locations in Edinburgh 

Judo – Portobello

Tel: 0131 669 0878
Info :Judo classes for children ages 5 years upwards
Location: Portobello Bowls and Indoor Leisure Centre, 20 West Bank Road, Portobello

Karate – Skotakai Non-Contact for 5+

Tel: 0131 669 0878
Info: Karate classes for children aged 5 and upwards with a yellow belt (at least)
Location: Portobello Bowls and Indoor Leisure centre, 20 Westbank Road, Portobello

Livingston Karate Club

Contact:  Grahame Brown      Mob: 07545 788 655

Info: Classes for 5 year – adult.
Location: Livingston and Bathgate.

Meadowbank Jitsu Club

Tel: 07919 386 546   Email :

Info: Classes for men and women from the age of 14 up.

Raptors Kickboxing & Junior

Tel: 07818 028 967      Email:
Info : Kickboxing for children & adults from age 5 yrs +  
Locations: Dalkeith, Mayfield, Loanhead, Penicuik.

Rick Young Academy

Tel: 0131 467 9947      Email:
Info :Martial arts classes for 5-14 year olds

Location: 9 Constitution Street, Leith, Edinburgh

Shishi Kai Judo

Tel: 0131 447 7859
Info: Judo classes for children aged 4 and up.
Location: Eric Liddel Centre, Morningside

Tae Kwon-Do Association of Gt. Britain
Tel: 0131 657 1630
Info: Tae Kwon-Do for children aged 5+ phone for details of classes
Location: Gracemount

Takumi Karate Do

Tel: 0131 558 3545.  Email:

Info: Shukokai club for beginners age 7 & up through to advanced.
Location: South Bridge Resource Centre

Wutan Tai Chi Chaun

Tel: 01968 674 316
Info: Classes for all age groups
Location: 25 Kirkhill Road, Penicuik



    im enquiring about your martial arts classes at the Eric Liddel Centre at Morningside. what martial arts classes are available at that venue for adults, prices and times

    many thanks

      Domenica Goduto

      Hi Razia,

      We’re not actually the martial arts instructors, or the Eric Liddel Centre, nor are we affiliated with them – we are simply a web site covering features and events with an Edinburgh focus. You will have to contact them directly with your query using the details provided. Thanks for reading, though!

      Informed Edinburgh

    L Robb

    Nothing listed here for North Edinburgh


      Hi L Robb, if you are still looking for a good martial arts class in North Edinburgh, Mr Luke McGowan teaches Tae Kwon Do out of Ainslie Park Leisure Centre on Monday and Fridays.


    I was recently speaking to a guy and he told me there was martial arts classes going to be starting close to dominion in Morningside, I’ve searched web do you know any information on it?

      Nicola Hancock

      Hi Rory,

      All the classes listed are found through online research or by people requesting their classes to be listed, so unfortunately we currently don’t have any further information for you.

      If we do hear anything the class will be added to the list!

    Fiona Clark

    I’m 45, a bit overweight, am I too old/fat to start a martial art? If the answers is no, what one would I be best doing

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