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Learn Russian at the Anglo-Russian Learning Centre Edinburgh


Enjoy learning Russian individually and in small groups with a professional Russian language tutor.

Each course is tailored to your needs and depends on your level of knowing Russian and purpose of learning with a range of levels from Beginner to Advanced Russian.

The general course is structured to improve skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The curriculum includes work on Russian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, translating and listening.

This course is ideal for somebody who wants to speak Russian quickly and to feel comfortable in the Russian speaking environment. You will be able to learn more about Russian customs, traditions and etiquette.

The advanced Russian course includes improvement of speaking skills and ability to communicate  in Russian in the field of business, trade, law, dating, science, etc.

English Tuition

These lessons are aimed at Russian-speaking students to help adapt in Great Britain.

For further information please email call 07920554161 | or visit the website

Alfiya Yakupova
Anglo Russian Learning Centre Edinburgh
Professional Tutor of Russian