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Spotlight on: BUBABLOON Founders Elena Torres & Lorna Edwards

We got the chance to sit down with Elena Torres and Lorna Edwards, founders of the up and coming BUBABLOON and asked them about their new venture and plans for the future….

In essence it’s a brightly coloured fabric cover for a latex balloon which makes play safe for children under 5 years of age.

What Inspired You To Come You With The Idea Of BUBABLOON?
My daughter who is now 20 months old received a similar toy from Australia when she was very young and the concept stuck in my mind. I was chatting with my former business mentor, Lorna Edwards one day and we decided we could commercialise the ideas we had.

How Long Has It Taken To Develop BUBABLOON From Concept To Launch?
I had the idea for some time, however, since Lorna got involved I would say it’s  taken just under a year from conception to launch.

How/Where Did You Meet Lorna Edwards Your Business Partner?
: We met through a mutual friend about 8 years ago and got on like a house on fire! Lorna is great fun to be around, bubbly and full of life… AND Very smart at business! She has successfully built and sold businesses and was my mentor in the early days of my previous business venture.

Lorna Why Did You Decide To Invest In BUBABLOON?
Since the sale of my last business I’ve been involved in other businesses but none of them excited me as much as being  part of another startup. Elena and I know each other in business and we both felt the partnership would be a good one.

You Have Both Built Successful Businesses In the past, What Inspired You Both To Start Another One?
I still have my first business ‘Execair’ which is now in its 9th year. However the idea’s do still come to me, and BUBABLOON was the ‘one’ that really got to me, I shared the idea with my good friend, Lorna, who instantly got it too. We then decided to partner up. We’re both passionate about business and ambitious, making a great team.

What Makes BUBABLOON Different ?
We have taken time to choose a range of fabrics that are contemporary and fun. The design has been researched and is our own brought to life by our manufacturer who are a locally based company who employ workers with special needs which is core to our business ethics. We were conscious of keeping the manufacture onshore and thus have gained the ‘Made in Britain’ marque.  We have also received EN71 European Standard Certification for the product.

Why Would Someone Buy BUBABLOON?
It’s fun, simple and safe, is washable and fits neatly into its own little pouch. More importantly children of all ages love it and it gives parents peace of mind that balloons can be made safer.

Since Launching BUBABLOON What Have Been Your Biggest Challenges?
Both: Ecommerce and social media is all new to us, so it’s a steep learning process and we are trying to keep up to date at all times.

Where Is BUBABLOON Available?
From our on line shop at www.bubabloon.co.uk or you can find us on Amazon.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Thinking Of Starting A Business? 
Don’t procrastinate. If you have an idea and you believe in it, get a good business plan together and go for it. Businesses are evolving all the time so don’t worry about changing the plan.

Will You Consider Additional Funding To Grow The Business If Required? 
Elena & Lorna
: Between us, we have managed to self-fund, and we’ve also had access to some support and funding from Scottish Enterprise which has been very helpful.  However we do anticipate to take the product beyond the UK we will have to attract additional investment!

What Are Your Plans For The Future?
Both: We are currently introducing new product ranges, exporting beyond the UK and exit in 3-5 years, all subject to market conditions.

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