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Spotlight On: Heart2Shine

Spotlight On: Heart2Shine

This week we put the spotlight on Heart2Shine, who are dedicated to designing the very best products and services to make your heart shine. We spoke to experts behind the company Shirley Cumming, Zoe Alexander and Jacqui Mitchell.

What inspired you to form Heart2Shine?

Shirley: I love what I do and I’m able to help others in the process, that’s something that I feel very privileged and grateful for. The thought that many more people could have access to help, support and community is what inspired me, the fact I can do that with my best friends, who also love what they do, is even better.

Jacqui: Zoe, Shirley and I are all very different, yet similar in so many ways. We all love to help people help themselves heal by sharing our knowledge and providing tools they can use when they feel out of balance to help them come back into balance as quickly as possible. We are very good at helping each other when we are off balance and work really well together to help our hearts shine.

Zoe: I wanted to do more to help people (a long waiting list will do this). I have a very ‘hands on’ style when working with people and usually give clients exercises or ‘homework’ to help them effectively target specific issues they want help with. I began to realise that I could help more people transform their lives if I produced products and materials that they could use independently of seeing me.

Tell us a little about your background and what you personally bring to Heart2Shine.

Shirley: I’ve had various jobs over the years mainly administration/reception work. Change happened for me when I became a receptionist at YourGP, that’s where I met Jacqui and Zoe and my life really opened up, I studied Reiki with Zoe who helped me develop my skills and also gain the confidence in myself to change my career.

Jacqui: I grew up in a spiritual family, my step-father was a clairvoyant. For as long as I can remember I have felt there is more to life than what happens on a day to day basis. In 2004 when I did my Reiki course, I started to understand why I was facing the challenges in life and what I could do to help myself change direction. The more I understood about myself the more I wanted to share my knowledge with anyone who wanted to hear.

Zoe: My interest in complementary medicine, the power of the mind and spirituality, started as a child. Over the years I rehabilitated myself, trying and applying numerous complementary methodologies as a way to get better, when the field of medicine had so little to offer. Part of my rehabilitation included a series of spiritual awakenings; after which I was never the same.

What sort of people turn to Heart 2 Shine for help?

Shirley: We have clients from different backgrounds in various occupations and careers. All with life challenges; including relationships, career, grief and health. Some want to improve their quality of life by looking more deeply at what they want for themselves and how they can change their life in order to do so.

Jacqui: All kinds of different people turn to us. Those who are ready for spiritual awakening whether they are aware of it or not.

Zoe: At our core, we help people connect to who they are and this can mean people come to us to heal, prosper, spiritually grow, or deepen their understanding of self and others. If there’s not a type who comes to see us, there’s certainly a type that sticks with us: driven, determined people who are committed to creating positive change in their life.

You aim to help people heal their mind, body and spirit by giving them a greater understanding of their energy. How would you describe ‘energy’?

Shirley: Energy in this sense means the life force that runs through and around your body whilst you’re alive. Your energy and it’s flow changes constantly depending on your health, mental and emotional states.

Jacqui: We are all energy beings, vibrating at different speeds. When we live in the present moment energy flows freely and we feel love, joy, peace and bliss. When we get caught up in life’s dramas, as is the case with most people, we create blockages in our system resulting in us feeling tired, sluggish and lonely.

Zoe: When we use the term, we are referring to the force that animates and unifies the body, mind and spirit of a person. Everybody has an energy field whether they are aware of it or not. If you want to heal, explore or flourish in your life, becoming aware of your personal energy is like discovering an inner compass that can tell you where you are and where it is you need to be.

Your courses and services aim to help people reach ‘personal awakening’. What is this and how can it be achieved?

Shirley: It means developing a deeper relationship with yourself, understanding that you are much more than the habits and beliefs that you’ve learnt over the years, we help you to reveal the real you. We teach you to look inside with honesty, compassion, love and respect for yourself.

Jacqui: It’s a journey of personal growth, understanding that you are more than your relationships, your job, your health, your wealth and your mind. When you realise your body is not who you are, it is the home you inhabit during this lifetime and each challenge you face in life is a gift, an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.

Zoe: Imagine being you: now imagine being all of you; happily; lovingly; acceptingly. No hiding, wishing you were different, looking outside for answers, searching for something to make you happy- just inner contentment, peace and happiness for no reason. Most people want this and it’s possible to achieve this. Before you can achieve it, however, the layers of who you think you are need to be peeled away. This process, for most people, takes time, commitment, honesty and you to be vulnerable at times.

You also create handcrafted flower essences – who should use them and why?

Shirley: Everyone should use – them that’s my opinion of course. They’re great for helping you through a difficult period when you just need a little bit of support, direction or balance in your life.

Jacqui:They are suitable for everyone. They each have their own healing properties and help aid your own personal healing.

Zoe: Our flower essences are simple and safe remedies that anyone can use when they want a little emotional or energetic support. Flower essences are gentle and easy to take – think of them as emotional and energetic vitamins you can take when you feel you just need that little extra help.

Which flower essence is your favourite and why?

Shirley: It’s difficult to have a favourite, I’ve used them all at different times, at the moment its Fortitude and Faith.

Jacqui: I don’t have a favourite, I have benefitted from them all at different times.

Zoe: Impossible to answer! I only ever have favourites of the moment! And that’s the one that’s helping me in whatever moment I’m in! Right now its Goddess: it’s a brilliant little booster.

What do you love most about your job?

Shirley: I feel really privileged to share in peoples highs and lows, watching them become happier, healthier and more balanced, and If I can make a small difference that’s great.

Jacqui: I love sharing my knowledge with those choosing to learn. I love learning from my students who I find always have something to teach me. I love sharing tools for their life’s tool box and helping them understand that they always have choice, each and every moment they are alive.

Zoe: There’s many aspects that I love: helping people; witnessing someone’s breakthrough moment and knowing their life will never be the same; creative projects that stretch and cultivate different aspects of me; creating a culture my colleagues and I want to shine in.

What is the key to well-being?

Shirley: Well-being to me is honest with yourself, honouring what is right for you at any given moment. Mind, body and spirit are equally as important to your overall wellbeing, so you need to make sure that your needs are met on all levels and you don’t put them on hold in favour of other people’s expectations of you.

Jacqui: Not holding on to fear, going with the flow and accepting each challenge/lesson that is given to you as an opportunity to grow. Loving every aspect of you and everyone and everything that surrounds you, especially those that cause you irritation.

Zoe: It’s about more than physical health, it’s deeper aspects can only be unlocked by having a connection to self, ability to be absolutely honest with yourself, kind to yourself and others. It’s amplified by your ability to be present, have some sort of connection to something bigger than yourself and is maintained by your ability to take swift action to meet your personal needs, however convenient or inconvenient that may be.

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