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Spotlight On: Rebecca O’Connor

Spotlight On: Rebecca O'Connor

This week we spoke to Rebecca O’Connor, the founder of Beatitude, an award-winning aromatherapy company specialising in luxurious bath, body and facial oils. We find out about her eureka moment and the challenges of bringing a new product to market.

When did you found Beatitude and what was the inspiration behind it?
I launched Beatitude nearly three years ago at the Country Living Fair in Glasgow, November 2011. Like Archimedes I had my eureka moment in the bath! Beatitude was born out of frustration that the only high strength aromatherapy bath oils available on the market left you and the bath feeling greasy and oily and so I wanted to make bath oils that delivered all the therapeutic benefits, leaving you feeling silky without the oiliness or slipperiness.

What makes Beatitude products different to other beauty products on the market?
Our bath oils cleverly disperse in the water and therefore avoid any greasy residue (either on your skin and on your bath) – you are not left with the oily greasy rim around your bath after using the Beatitude products. Our body and facial oils also have a unique sensory feel as we are using more unusual natural plant oils that have more of a silky texture and they do not at all feel like the heavy traditional oils.

Not only do your products smell great, they are beautifully presented too. How important is getting the packaging right when designing a new product?
I would say this is hugely important, especially when building a new brand as it will be the packaging that will attract the customer first. In saying that I  firmly believe it is what is in the bottle that is more important and this should always outweigh the cost of the packaging.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced bringing a new product to market?
There have been lots of challenges! The main one being sourcing suppliers who are willing to work with a start up business and that are happy to provide you initially in small numbers. I found one company who said they would consider an initial order of 5000 bottles and they told me that was low for cosmetic packaging. Luckily I found the most beautiful French supplier for my bottles and they were willing to let me start buying in the 100’s.

Where can I buy Beatitude Products?
They are available via MyShowcase beauty parties which are happening now in Edinburgh. Click here to find your nearest stylist and find out when the next one is on.

Your products have won several awards – which one are you most proud of and why?
I am really proud of them all and to have such industry endorsement is really encouraging. If I really had to pick one it would be the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award for our Patience Bath oil. Janey has been voted the No. 1 Natural Beauty Guru in the UK for the last few years in the Natural Beauty Yearbook and she is so inspiring and well respected in this area.

What are the benefits of using Beatitude oils?
I really have created these products to make the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy more accessible. Our bath and body oils offer the next best thing to the spa experience and help with well being and relaxation in the comfort of your own home. You never know when you are going to have a bad or stressful day and so to have Beatitude in your bathroom means that you can easily access relaxation.

What else can we expect from Beatitude in the near future?
We are working on a cleansing balm at the moment and also have a pillow spray in development.

Which aroma do you think best reflects your personality and why?
I would like to think Joy – this is a blend that makes you feel happy, uplifted and energised.

Quick-fire Questions

Describe Edinburgh in three words
Beautiful, Elegant and Historic

What do you love most about Edinburgh?
I love many things about Edinburgh but I especially love the fact you can be in such a vibrant city with great shops, bars and restaurants and yet you can see the sea – I think that this is wonderful.

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