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The Best Places for Coffee & Scones in Edinburgh

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Our Coffee Angels are two busy Edinburgh mums who meet every week for a coffee, a scone and a catch up. They review the best places for coffee and scones in Edinburgh, each week they visit a different coffee shop and take notes on the quality of each establishment. We therefore sent our Coffee Angels out into Edinburgh undercover…


The Looking Glass

Address: Porters Walk near Simpsons Loan
Coffee:      Black 8/10, Latte 8/10
Scones:    Scones were late to be delivered so we had an apple flapjack which was delicious. 8.5/10
Surroundings: Fabulous book/coffee shop. Brilliant selection of books and staff could not have been more friendly
and helpful. If you’re looking for a good book, great atmosphere and comfy seats to enjoy your coffee,
this is it. Its open 8 till late and will be starting up a book club in the shop. First ever 10/10!
Overall Cost:      £20 – however that included a book (The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh, can’t wait to start it!),
2 coffees each and flapjacks! 

Overall Score: 10/10


The Club Room at the Dome

Address:       The Dome, George Street
Coffee:            Black – served in a pot, easy to drink, not too strong 9/10, Latte 9/10 S
Scones:          Served with clotted cream and jam. Delicious, didn’t want them to end! 9/10
Surroundings: Very elegant, mirrored walls, beautiful chandeliers and pleasant staff.
We have never given a 10 but finding it hard to fault! 10/10
Overall Cost: £11.50 

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Coffee Angels Undercover in Edinburgh

The Huxley

Address:               1-3 Rutland Street, EH1 2AE
Coffee:                   Black 8/10, Latte 8/10
Scones:                 No scones, but loved their delicious cranberry and custard twists. 8/10
Surroundings: Great window seats, you can watch the whole of the West End go by with a nice  coffee. 8/10

Overall Cost: £12.70 (2 coffees each)

Overall Score: 9/10

Coffee Angels Undercover in Edinburgh

Bon papillon

Address:      5 Howe Street, EH3 6TE
Coffee:          Black 8.5/10, Latte 8/10
Scones:        One savoury and one fruit – both truly delicious! 10/10.
Surroundings: Great background music with a relaxing atmosphere. There was also interesting artwork, cards and
mugs which made for good browsing after coffee. 8.5/10

Overall Cost: £13.60 – (2 coffees each)

Overall Score: 9/10


Black Medicine Coffee Co.

Address:              2 Nicolson Street
Coffee:                  Black 9/10, Latte 8.5/10
Scones:                Fabulous! Could have eaten them all day – very sad but true! 9/10.
Would have given a 10 if they had 
clotted cream to accompany the scones!
Surroundings: Warm and relaxing even though it was freezing outside. Stone walls decorated with wooden carvings
as well as individually carved wooden tables and chairs. Great background music, so good we
ordered extra coffee.

Overall Cost: £9.00 

Overall Score: 9/10



Address: 155 West Port
Coffee: Black 8.5/10, Latte 7.5/10
Scones: Fruit with cream and jam 7.5/10
Surroundings: Quirky, like sitting in a giant White Stuff changing room ! (That’s a good thing.)  The cakes are displayed in a wardrobe and looked delicious. Good background music, and if there are no seats left it looks like you can sit in the window on cushions. 9/10 for originality!
Overall Cost: £9.30 

Overall Score: 8.5/10


Artisan Roast

Address: Broughton Street
Coffee: Black 8.5/10, Latte 7.5/10 – good, but prefer coffee in a cup rather than a small glass
Scones: No morning scones! However, almond croissant and pain aux raisin were very tasty. 8.5/10
Surroundings: At last school is back and we can start coffee and sconing again! Noticed a couple of tweets suggesting Artisan Roast on Broughton Street – we have passed it a few times but haven’t gone in because it didn’t look very good for a chat. It’s all very ripped bar stoolish, chipped floor boardish,very cool dude and tatooish and if it was in Amsterdam you would definitely be getting more than coffee!! But who are we to judge? We tried out one of Edinburgh’a favourite coffee spots… You definitely know you’re in a coffee shop, the walls are decorated with coffee bean sacks, strong, rich smell of brewed coffee and selections of coffee to buy and make at home. It’s evidently very popular with coffee lovers and local getting their coffee on the move. The front of the shop is quite small, busy and noisy with the constant brewing, however there’s also a small quieter area at the back of shop.
Overall Cost: £7.40 

Overall Score: 8.5/10

la barantine coffee angels

La Barantine in Bruntsfield

Address: 202 Bruntsfield Place
Coffee: Black 7.5/10, Latte 8/10
Scones: No scones but the selection of patisserie was delicious  8/10
Surroundings: Lovely little French bistro style coffee shop. Well worth a visit with their fabulous display of French, freshly baked breads, fruit tarts, macaroons…
Overall Cost: £11.75 included two coffees each with pain au raison 

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Coffee Angels Undercover in Edinburgh


Address: 3C York Place, EH1 3EB
Coffee: Black 9/10, Latte 8/10
Scones: No scones, but a delightful almond croissant and a pain au raison. 7/10
Surroundings: Small stylish coffee shop, selling coffee beans and accessories. Great window seat to gaze onto York Place – and thanks to the ‘Diet Coke’ guy across the road for getting changed without drawing the curtains! 10/10
Overall Cost: £7.60

Overall Score: 8/10

cukoos bakery

Cuckoo’s Bakery

Address: 150 Dundas Street
Coffee: Black 8/10, Latte 8/10
Scones: Scones were outstanding, and the cupcakes are too die for. Everything is fresh, as the staff are up at 4-5am to bake. 9/10
Surroundings: Busy, however it didn’t feel that way. Quirky and relaxing. Presentation: Excellent and very friendly staff. Toilets: In keeping with the rest if the bakery they were very clean.
Overall Cost: £8.90 

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Falko Bruntsfield

Falko Konditormeister

Address: 185 Bruntsfield Place
Coffee:Black  8/10, Milk Coffee 10/10 Perfect coffee it had a picture of a white swan in the milk foam which lasted while I drank the coffee.
Scones: No scones but we had toasted Raisin Brioche instead which made a nice change, it was served with butter and jam 8/10.
Surroundings: Very pleasant surrounding, with very helpful staff. The display of bread, beautiful cakes and gateaux were amazing. With quirky decor this is definitely a place to visit again.
Overall Cost: £8.70 

Overall Score: 8.5/10


Brass and Copper Cafe

Address: 18 William Street
Coffee: Black 9/10, Latte 8/10
Scones: Lovely fruit scones with butter and jam.
Surroundings: Has a lovely relaxed feel about it,  with a nice posy of flowers on the tables (supplied by Rogue Flowers florist across the road). Walls are hung with pictures from featured artists. Staff are friendly and helpful. Made for a very pleasant and relaxed morning’s catch up.
Overall Cost: Very reasonable £6.90 

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Coffee Angels Undercover in Edinburgh

Machina Espresso

Address: 2 Brougham Place, EH3 9JU
Coffee: Black 8/10, Latte 9/10
Scones: No scones, but lovely pastries. 7.5/10
Surroundings: Small and comfortable enough. If you’re into coffee this is the place to come to – they have a great selection of coffee and equipment. 8/10
Overall Cost: £8.90

Overall Score: 8/10


Castello Coffee

Address: 7 Castle Street
Coffee: Black 9.5/10, Latte 9.5/10
Scones: Fruit with butter and jam 6.5/10
Surroundings: It is all about the coffee! It look strong, but was a great smooth taste – possibly the best so far. Cafe is small inside but has tables and chairs outside. Staff are friendly and helpful. Downside – no toilet facilities! 7/10
Overall Cost: £7.70 

Overall Score: 8/10



Address: 101 Hanover Street
Coffee: Black 8/10, Latte 8/10
Scones: Fruit, served warm with jam, clotted cream and a dusting of icing sugar. 8/10
Surroundings: This café had a definite holiday feel about it, probably has something to do with the light pastel décor.
Overall Cost: £14.40 (2 coffees each) 

Overall Score:  8/10


Casa Angelina

Address: London Street
Coffee: Black 8/10, Latte 7/10 Scones: Delicious with jam and clotted cream. 8/10
Surroundings: Charming new vintage tea house. Felt like we were sitting in a comfortable, elegant tea room with all the trimmings. Will definitely go back, their freshly baked cakes and bread looked amazing!
Overall Cost: £15.20 (2 coffees each and scones)

Overall Score:  8/10


Leo’s Beanery

Address: 23/4 Howe Street
Coffee: Black 7/10, Latte 8/10
Scones: Fruit with jam and cream 8/10
Surroundings: Delightful family run cafe situated in New Town. Lovely to sit in the warmth of the cosy cafe watching life go by. Looking forward to better weather when you can sit outside. Staff very friendly and helpful. 8/10
Overall Cost: £13.20 (2 coffees each) 

Overall Score: 8/10


Romanes & Paterson Tea Room

Address: 62 Princes Street
Coffee: Black 7/10, Latte 8/10
Scones: We chose Cherry & Coconut and Apple & Cinnamon, they came freshly baked – very tasty! There was plain and fruit on offer as well. 8/10
Surroundings: This is a hidden gem on Princes Street. From the second floor you get a wonderful view of the Castle and at this time of year you can see the Christmas festivities in the gardens. Waitress service by friendly staff, ideal place to take a break from shopping. 9/10
Overall Cost: £10 

Overall Score: 8/10

Coffee Angels Undercover in Edinburgh

Saint Giles Cafe & Bar

Address: 6-8 St Giles’ Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1PT
Coffee: Black 7.5/10, Latte 7.5/10
Scones: Fruit with jam and clotted cream, all very nice but we do prefer our scones not toasted! 7.5/10
Surroundings: Old style rustic Edinburgh with wooden floors and high ceilings. Warm and relaxing with good background music. 7.5/10
Overall Cost: £16.30 (two coffees each)

Overall Score: 7.5/10

berts coffee bar

Bert’s Coffee Bar

Address: 11 Newmarket Road, The Edinburgh Corn Exchange
Coffee: Black not too strong 8/10, just nice. Latte 8/10
Scones: Pleasant enough 6.5/10
Surroundings: Perfect place for a coffee, especially in an area of town where coffee shops are sparse. Great decor combining old and traditional with fresh and new. 8/10
Overall Cost: £7.70

Overall Score: 7.5/10



Address: 2 Polwarth Crescent
Coffee: Black 7/10, Latte 7/10
Scones: Cranberry and white chocolate, with butter and jam. We thought these might be a bit too sweet, but we were wrong – they were delicious. Piecebox is constantly trying new flavours of scone, such as: lemon and lime, orange and chocolate and almond & apricot! 8/10
Surroundings: Charming decor, stripy wallpaper, bright pictures and lots of nicknack’s all add to a cosy feel, with relaxing music in the background. A yummy looking display of cakes on offer
Overall Cost: £10.30 (2 coffees each)

Overall Score: 7.5/10

cairngorn coffee

Cairngorm Coffee Co.

Address: 41 a Frederick Street
Coffee: Black 7.5/10, Latte 7.5/10
Scones: No scones, they only have them at the weekend. Instead we had a lovely almond croissant and warmed pain au chocolate 7.5/10
Surroundings: Down a small flight of steps, to a very cosy seating area. The ceiling was covered in coffee bean sacks which gave it a rustic feel. 7.5/10
Overall Cost: £8.90

Overall Score: 7.5/10

beach house

The Beach House

Address: 57 Bath Street, Portobello
Coffee: Black 7/10, Latte 6/10 Scones: Fruit, jam and cream. A tasty 8/10
Surroundings: Busy, bustling, beach house! Obviously popular with the locals. Window seats providing great views over the beach and across to Fife. 7/10
Overall Cost: £14.30 

Overall Score:  7/10


Henderson’s @ St John’s

Address: 3 Lothian Road
Coffee:  Black –  6/10, Latte –  7/10
Scones:  Fruit scones with jam and whipped cream, average 6/10
Surroundings: Sun on the terrace and the atmosphere of Edinburgh at Festival time 9/10
Overall Cost: £6.40 

Overall Score: 7.5/10


Cafe Fleurs

Address: 8, Murrayfield Place
Coffee: Black 7.5/10, Latte 8/10
Scones: Very pleasant with homemade jam. 7.5/10
Surroundings:  Clean and fresh. Lovely little of the beaten track café. Lives up to its name with its floral displays. Staff very friendly and helpful.
Overall Cost: £7.30 

Overall Score: 7.5 /10


The Blue Bear

Address: 9 Brandon Terrace
Coffee: Black 7/10, Latte 8/10
Scones: Fruit with jam and cream, beautiful texture – freshly made. 8/10
Surroundings: Amazing mural of the Forth Bridge on the wall. They also have art work for sale displayed. Good background music. Very cheerful and helpful staff, they have only been open a few weeks but have made a very good impression. We would definitely come back. 8/10.
Overall Cost: £9.00

Overall Score:  7/10


Cafe Grande

Address: 184 Bruntsfield Place
Coffee: Black 7/10, however if you like your coffee strong this would be a 9/10! Latte 8/10
Scones: Fruit with butter (lurpak – my favourite) and jam. 6/10
Surroundings: Very much a French bistro feel to this cafe. Nice art on the wall and relaxing background music. Would like to come back and try it for food in the evening. 7/10
Overall Cost: £8.60 

Overall Score:  7/10


Jacobs Artisan Bakery

Address: 62 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh
Coffee: Black 7/10, Latte 7/10
Scones: Heated cherry and raisin with jam and cream. Very nice! 8.5/10
Surroundings: Pleasant, large, clean and airy. A bit chilly though! 6.5/10
Overall Cost: £7.20 

Overall Score: 7/10


Fredericks Coffee House

Address: 30 Frederick Street
Coffee: Black 6/10, Latte 7/10
Scones: Pleasant with choice of jam and cream 7/10
Surroundings: Colourful cushions, comfy chairs or window seats that are perfect for people watching!
Overall Cost: £7.90 

Overall Score: 7/10

patisserie flo

Patisserie Florentin

Address: 5 Northwest Circus Place
Coffee: Black 7/10, Latte 7/10
Scones: No scones however patisserie was excellent!
Surroundings: Very partisan and ambient.
Overall Cost: £11.75 

Overall Score: 7/10


Caffe Centro

Address: 38 George Street
Coffee: Black 7/10, Latte 7/10
Scones: No scones! However, their pain au raisin and almond croissant made a nice change. 7/10 Surroundings: Nice place to escape from the wind and rain. The large paintings of Italian landmarks are very atmospheric. 7.5/10
Overall Cost: £8.90 

Overall Score: 7/10


Valvona & Crolla Vincaffe

Address: 11 Multrees Walk
Coffee: Black 7/10, Latte 7/10
Scones: fruit with butter and jam. 6/10
Surroundings: We sat upstairs by the window, great view for people watching over Multrees Walk. Warm on a cold winters day, with good background music.
Overall Cost: £10.80 

Overall Score: 6.5/10



Address: 41 Frederick Street
Coffee: Black 7/10, Latte 6.5/10
Scones:  Fruit with jam and cream 6.5/10
Surroundings: Comfortable quirky decor, nice vintage crockery and good background music. Great place for tea lovers as they specialise in all sorts, including white, black, fruit & herbal infusions, oolong, green, flowering and many more.
Overall cost
: £11.60

Overall Score: 6.5/10